When you visit China, you cannot miss exploring the Great Wall of China. It hits the top of the list of the travelers. There is a lot to know about the Great Wall; it is a manmade wall which comes under the Seven Wonders of the World. The Great Wall is one of its kind places which ignite the youth within you and you want to hike the best sections of the wall by yourself.

Camping is one of the most amazing experiences which are mostly preferred by the adventure seekers. Imagine waking up in between the wooden logs, lush greenery, and the sunlight peeping through your camp shelter. Living a life on the road is not a piece of cake! You need to be tough on yourself and still enjoy being there. Camping is one such experience that makes you full of adventure and thrills. This tour in Beijing is a great one as it offers amazing camping opportunities.

Jiankou is a section which is tough to hike and is not accepted by most travelers. You need to be really brave when you hike this section of the Wall. When you have a heavy luggage on your back and you want to hike this section of the wall, it becomes really difficult. The difficulty level of the hike is hard and you need to be really strong and willing to hike this section.

After a hike of certain kilometers, imagine lying down in your camp and checking out the pictures you clicked with the watchtowers is a wonderful experience.

When you choose to camp on the Great Wall-
Ask a native of the area about the best place to camp there. They will guide you the best and you can make sure that your trip will become a memorable one.

It is recommended to not camp near the big city as the authorities of the big city may deny your request.

Well, it is always better to plan your holiday beforehand! Plan your camping experience according to the time you have and make sure that you enjoy seeing the best sections within your time and budget.

Take care of your own safety. Avoid camping near the lake shores and open fields. You might not know the weather conditions hence it becomes your responsibility to choose the most suitable place to enjoy a camping experience.

The Great Wall of Gubeiko is one of the best sections to enjoy the camping experience in China. You can reach there in budget especially when you have a metro card. This section is not restored and hence you need to keep an eye on your foot when you hike this section. Although you will enjoy the most hiking this section you must take care of your security in the first place.

Then there are other places like the Great Wall of Mutianyu, Badaling Great Wall, and the Simatai Great Wall which do not allow camping.

Take care of the essentials when you camp on the Great Wall and enjoy the trip to the fullest.


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