In this article, I have decided to highlight a few products and services for you that I never travel without:

Suitcase: My favorite brand of a suitcase is Samsonite. Mine have held up very well during my travels. When my family moved to Japan we went with 14 of these suitcases in tow and we still have them to do this day. Airlines can be rough on luggage so it’s important to have a bag that is going to hold up after being thrown around a little bit. They also come in a variety of sizes which can be helpful depending on how long your trip is and how much you are packing. The outside pockets are also nice to store things you need easier access to like a jacket so you don’t have to carry it around.

Airlines: My favorite airline is Lufthansa. I have a previous blog post written about it explain why I enjoy traveling with this airline so much. They have been some of the most comfortable flights I have experienced and the service is amazing. The airline I most commonly fly is United. I have a been a member of the airline since I was ten. I have used my frequent flyer miles for trips and it’s an easy, painless process and the rewards are nice. Being a member, you get access to the lounges in the airports. This is nice because it’s somewhere else to go and sit in during layovers instead of at the crowded gate. The lounge is also nice because it has food and nicer bathrooms (who can complain about that). United has always had very convenient flights for me. They have always flown to the destinations I want to go to and they usually have options for flight times. I’ve never had an issue with connecting flights either. No airline is perfect and flying can be a pain but I have had a great experience with both Lufthansa and United.

Travelmate memory foam neck pillow: Neck pillows are amazing for traveling. Some trips can be long and be traveling is tiring. Having one of these can help you get some sleep when you are waiting for long layovers or even on the plane. It’s great neck support for trying to sleep on planes and in chairs when you can’t lay down. Wanting to sleep and not being able to be one of the most frustrating parts about traveling. These are comfortable and come in different colors to make them even more fun. They can also hook right on to your bags so you don’t have to carry them separately and avoid the risk of losing them.


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