This state-city derived its name from the Sanskrit words for the Lion City. This place is among the only three places in the entire world which are a city, capital, and state, all in one.

Several visitors are welcomed by Singapore every year and most of them wish they could stay here a little longer. It is one of the greenest cities in the entire world and is also known for the man-made waterfalls which are stunning to look at.

Here are the top 5 destinations in Singapore that would offer you an amazing experience which you will always cherish.

If you are planning a trip to Singapore, Chinatown is a must visit. Foodies and shopaholic would be glad to walk here as this place is considered the best one in Singapore where you will find amazing food and cheapest shopping stores. The classic, evergreen Chinese dishes could be ordered at “Chinatown Food Street” which is prepared with spicy chili paste and soya sauce in traditional style. What’s more? The entire place and streets are decorated with stunning bright red lanterns which add to the ambiance of the place.

Singapore Night Safari

The world’s most exotic animals could be seen at this zoo which is the first zoo where visitors can enjoy the Night Safari. The nocturnal animal kingdom includes over 1000 animals like griffon vultures, gazelles, and wildebeests. As a visitor, you can start off with the show named “Creatures of the Night” which quickly gives you an idea of what you will see during your Night safari.

The Singapore Flyer

If you love great heights and want to see this entire state city at one go, check out this largest observation wheel in the world, which is surely going to offer you one of a kind experience. Passengers can see various city sights from this wheel and will be amazed at the brilliant view which is offered by the Singapore Flyer.

Gardens by the Bay

Designed to enjoy the vibrant plant life, this amazing place would help you in escaping from the annoying city bustle for a long time. Futuristic structures are designed which are known for performing functions that sustain the environment. You can see the world’s tallest man-made waterfall at the Cloud Forest Dome at this place.

Marina Bay

If you wish to have an amazing time at Singapore, you cannot afford to miss the Marina Bay. Science Museum, Shopping complex, Dining, Casino and various other activities await you. The spectacular light show, which illuminates the water and other icon landmarks, is the highlight of the Marina Bay.

Staying at Singapore:

Based on your convenience and budget, you can pick the right hotel for you. You can have a great time while you stay because every hotel has something special to offer you. You can choose from Luxury, Mid-range and Budget hotels. The following are the top hotel choices for each category:

• Luxury Hotels: Raffles Hotel, Marina Bay Sands

• Mid- Range Hotels: Holiday Inn Singapore, Lloyd’s Inn

• Budget Hotels: Victoria hotel, Champion Hotel

Your stay at these hotels will surely be something that you will enjoy. Singapore night sightseeing is another thing which is preferred by several visitors because they get a truly unique perspective of the city at night. If you are planning a trip to Singapore, be ready to witness an amazing world which would surely capture your heart.



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